Android Owners Beware – Dodgyware / Criminalware

Dodgyware / Criminalware
Dodgyware / Criminalware







Android Owners Beware – Dodgyware / Criminalware

Please be sure to check the list out below of android apps that have been removed from the playstore because they’re performing functions on your own against the terms and conditions of the playstore. They’re so harmful from the user’s perspective, these apps drain their phone’s battery and may cause data overages as the apps are constantly running and communicating with servers in the background.

The tricks some of the apps are doing is they’re pretending to be almost human like and clicking on ads which to most seems like an ad has been clicked yet the user will never see any ads.

Warning signs would be increased data usage and fast-draining battery life – but pinning those to the dodgy apps would be hard.

This creates another big problem: user reviews.

Many of the apps had barely any negative comments, because users don’t know anything is amiss. This means more people are likely to download the apps in future.

“The only effects a user might notice is that the apps would use a significantly greater amount of data, at all times, and consume the phone’s battery power at a more rapid rate that the phone would otherwise require,” researchers explained.

“Because consumers would not be able to correlate these effects to the apps themselves, their Play Market reviews for these apps showed few negative comments.”

Google removed the dodgy apps from the Play Store on the week of November 25.

But the apps can still operate if you’ve already got them installed, so it’s recommended to delete them now.

Remove these apps immediately

Sparkle FlashLight – com.sparkle.flashlight

Snake Attack – com.mobilebt.snakefight

Math Solver – com.mobilebt.mathsolver

ShapeSorter – com.mobilebt.shapesorter

Tak A Trip –

Magnifeye –

Join Up – com.pesrepi.joinup

Zombie Killer – com.pesrepi.zombiekiller

Space Rocket – com.pesrepi.spacerocket

Neon Pong – com.pesrepi.neonpong

Just Flashlight –

Table Soccer –

Cliff Diver –

Box Stack –

Jelly Slice – net.kanmobi.jellyslice

AK Blackjack – com.maragona.akblackjack

Color Tiles – com.maragona.colortiles

Animal Match – com.beacon.animalmatch

Roulette Mania – com.beacon.roulettemania

HexaFall – com.atry.hexafall

HexaBlocks – com.atry.hexablocks

PairZap – com.atry.pairzap


Be sure to get yourself an Anti-Virus and have it installed on your phone. Trend Micro for example, when you click on an app, it performs a quick scan and tells you if the app is safe to download or gives you a warning about the app and what it might be doing or it tells you to not download the app because its harmful and dangerous.

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