Remove CryptoLocker

Manually Remove CryptoLocker Notes
Reboot into safe mode
Run regedit

Go to HKCU ? Software ?









You’ll notice it doesn’t hide here:









You can delete this two crypto entries











Once those are deleted scroll down to Microsoft










Continue to scroll down to Windows ? Current Version










Scroll down to where it says run – you can see the virus listed here. You can delete it.













It will also be listed under run once – delete that as well

















Close regedit – now we want to go to show hidden folders and drives
Check Show Hidden files. folders and drives
Uncheck Hide extensions for know files types

Uncheck protected operating system files











In the directory shown below delete these two files












You can also delete this file in the directory listed below. There might be an issue with the virus letting you delete it.

So we will delete it later.






Also check your temp directory as shown below for any other suspicious files



Reboot back to your desktop

You can now go back and delete that file we couldn’t delete before



You can no go back and protect our system files



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