GeGeekTechToolKit Registration

GeGeekTechToolKit Registration


24th November 2020 -The Beta has officially been released to the Beta Crew.

4th September 2020 -The Beta is now underway and will be released to the Beta Crew within the next few weeks.

22nd August 2020 – We’ve now setup a shop charging $99.00 to gain access to the Beta, we’ve lots of offers available to those whom are interested.

13th August 2020 – It has been sometime since we’ve been in touch with the toolkit, it’s very much alive, however it is also being rebuilt from the ground up. If you’ve not done so already, please head on over to the Discord and join us.

July 17th 2020 – The Toolkit has now been offline for almost 10 months. Even though in it’s current state it’s not available, the Toolkit is still alive but not yet available. If you would like to join our Discord Server, please join and keep updated with the latest news. Sometime down the track the Toolkit will be re-written with a complete overhaul for the complete Toolkit. Something I have always wanted to do. Join us online.


The Toolkit is currently in development.

The All in 1 Tool for the Traveling Techs, Power Geeks and the Serious Home User

Welcome to the Toolkit. Our toolkit has been put together to support computer technicians of all sorts whom like to have a collection of readily available software to tackle any moment when it comes to solving computer issues e.g. Backing up customers software, removing ransomware to installing the latest drivers. The toolkit comprises of over 600+ applications not including all the programs from SysInternals and NirSoft as well (300+), all accessible from one Menu Launcher Utility. There’s even a feature to update all the programs automatically to ensure every program is @ the latest version, all contained on a Flash Drive for travel. There’s over 500 individual Windows 10 Registry configuration settings you can change right from within the program. You can elevate the program to Admin on the fly when the situation calls for it. Over 200 web links and helpful documents for various Tech Related repairs. I do all the research so you don’t have to, making sure all the latest and greatest tools available are included.

Even though we’ve gone back and updated the toolkit, downloading the installer is free, however because the installer requires registration, you’re hereby required to place a donation to obtain the serial number. Thousands of hours have gone into this toolkit over the years and we would appreciate your help with your donation to keep the support up for the server.

All distributions of the toolkit are handled online through Discord. If and when the toolkit becomes available the download link will appear on Discord. As of this post 26th July 2019 we’re still updating to the new toolkit, however you’re free to come and join the Discord and have a chat.

If you’re unsure about donating come and ask one of the other users about using the toolkit and they will be able to also give you the best advice.

Our toolkit goes back as far as 2014 from LifeHacker / GHacks in 2017 / TCAT Shelbyville 2018

Some programs keep updating every time?

Please note that some programs, are by design, going to update every time. The download filename ?size didn’t change, yet the program version # did. To ensure I always have the latest version of these programs I simply download them again. Just to be sure. There may have been other factors as well that I have run across for doing this, so don’t think this is an issue. This was by design. Which is why I recommend updating only once per month or so. No need to update more frequently than that anyway.

1: Corrupted or missing files when uncompressed:
Using the wrong version of 7z or Winrar (32 or 64 bit) or a corrupted download.

2: Trouble receiving newsletter updates:
First please check your spam folder. If not there then click the link below for other possible issues.

3: Some programs update every time – See the information above.

4: When Some Updates Fail:
Should some updates fail, I would first manually check to see if the link is still valid. Could just be a temporary situation. Sometimes the site is down for maintenance, the URL has changed, major version change, etc, etc. Sometimes you can just right Click on the failed update and force a download. Either way, I will eventually spot this and fix it with the next update. You can also report failed downloads via Symenu.

5: Some downloads fail with the error “Forbidden”, as follows:
ex: Disk Speed Test The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden. This is usually due to Firewall?Security issues – mostly I’ve seen this on domains at work.

6: False Positives from Antivirus
First off don’t be alarmed when certain programs contained within the Toolkit give you a virus warning. These are false positives, as these “tools” they are targeting are just that, tools. Tools that some bad guys use to compromise systems. That is not the case here. There are tools included here that crack passwords and reveal product keys, etc, tools like that are causing the false positives, thinking that some site has planted them on your drive. I encourage you to thoroughly test these programs, as I have, and you will be convinced that they are not threats?viruses, but only tools. Might have to turn off your AV and whitelist the entire Toolkit directory.

7: Updater takes a long time loading
Close the updater or wait it out, then shut down your virus scanner.

Download Links

Download links change frequently for various reasons. I try my best to stay on top of these changes. If a link is broken you have three choices: Wait for the next release or modify the download link yourself. Report the link for a failed download. All open software is used. Also I have no control over the speed of the downloads from various sites. Throttling, I am sure, is in place to prevent hackers ? abusers from overwhelming ? trashing sites. Please do not abuse these sites by repeatedly downloading updates. It’s getting increasingly difficult to download software via the toolkit due to this escalating issue.


You hereby agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions when visiting this website or using any of our services/platforms.

All 3rd-party tools you might download using the Toolkit belong to their respective owners and authors, and are bound by their respective licenses. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to determine if you have the rights to use these 3rd-party tools in whatever environment you decide to use this software in.

By running the Toolkit you accept COMPLETE responsibility for ANYTHING that happens. This tool has ZERO WARRANTY for any purpose. Run it AT YOUR OWN RISK. Always make backups first before running ANY repair tool ? program included therein. The menu program belongs to the developers with all implied rights and is not to be altered or reversed engineered in any way.

If any software company has an issue with their software being used in this build, please contact me and I will remove it. Remember, your donation is for my time organizing this collection of tools and NOT for the purchase of any software contained within the Toolkit. Once I send out your registration information there are no refunds of any funds you may have donated.

The gegeek toolkit portable download is not something we’ve just as a download. Head on over to the registration, simply place a donation through the subscription, you’ll be sent an email and instructions on joining the Discord. the current toolkit is still in development. So you don’t have to donate to join the Discord, you only need to donate to get access to the installer.


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