Disable USB

Disable USB

How to disable the USB Ports on your PC
Just open regedit and browse to this key:
Notice the value ‘Start’
Switch this value to 4, and USB storage devices are disabled.
Switch this value to 3, and USB storage devices are enabled.
For those of you that don’t feel like messing around in the registry –
there’s a program that will do it for you.

How to Disable USB, CDROM, Floppy on Windows Machine via the Registry
Notice the value ‘Start‘, this should be 3 by default [3 = enabled]. Switch this value to 4 [4 = disabled], and USB storage devices are disabled. To re-enable the device switch this value to 3.
To disable USB ports:
To disable CD-ROM drive:
To disable Floppy drive:
To disable a High Capacity Floppy Drive:
Once done, you’d need to reboot your machine for the changes to come into effect. That is it

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