Toolkit Beta Update

Toolkit Beta Update

The beta for the toolkit is still under development and about to be released to the beta crew to examine. At present the launcher doesn’t really do anything other than allow a registered user for the toolkit log into a launcher, that’s it. It may not seem like much for the user to just log into a piece of software and do nothing, but on the backend it is massive. The launcher will be the framework building block for the actual software. Look at other launchers like Battle.NET, Steam for example. Once you log into those launchers they give you access to a variety of tools. The same will eventually apply for the toolkit.

Once the user is logged in they will eventually get access to a variety of tools as well as the toolkit.

I am happy to be presenting this development for you and even though people reach out and ask about buying the toolkit and yes it is heartbreaking when I say I can’t offer anything other than joining the beta crew.

Most if not all the people on our discord are part of the toolkit and have backed us for years. If you want to be part of the beta, please join us.

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