Repair Disk Options




Options When Booting From the Windows 7 Repair Disk

Startup Repair: This repair option offers to repair the boot sector of Win 7, ie the repair of the Windows bootloader, Choose this if you have problems starting windows normally.
System Restore: This second repair option allows you to restore Win7 registry to an earlier date before your system had any issues.
Image Recovery system Windows 7: This option may be used to reload a previously created disk image if you created one with Windows’ internal backup program previously.
Memory Diagnostic Windows 7: This will help you diagnose a potential problem with the RAM on your computer.
Command Prompt Windows 7: This choice will open a command prompt to perform a repair manually.

Windows 7 DOS Prompt Commands –? Manual Repairs
1> bootrec.exe ?FixMbr???????????? Fixes MBR
2> bootrec.exe ?FixBoot??????????? Fixes system partition’s boot sector
3> bootrec.exe ?RebuildBcd???? Fixes Boot Configuration Data (BCD)
4> bcdedit ?export C:\BCD_Backup???? Creates a new BCD
?????????? c:
?????????? cd boot
?????????? attrib bcd -s -h -r
?????????? ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old
?????????? bootrec ?RebuildBcd
5> bootrec.exe ?ScanOs?? Scans all disks for installations not listed in BCD
6> chkdsk c: ?f ?r?????? ????? ?f? ?r will both fix errors and recover lost data.
???? chkdsk ?x – Forces the volume to dismount first.

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